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So what is Cherokee Connect? Said simply, it’s an online community to connect all the businesses, residents, and charities that Cherokee County, GA has to offer. Cherokee County has the population to draw big corporate businesses, but it also holds onto a lot that small-town charm. Part of the small-town charm is that many of our favorite businesses are locally owned.

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The Value of a Referral

While we love having the convenience of nationally recognized brands, they usually have much larger marketing budgets than the local guys. Being a local small business owner myself, I know the value of a referral, which is what so many other businesses across the county depend on given some of the juggernauts they have to market against. Who better to offer referrals than your friends and neighbors?

That’s where Cherokee Connect comes in. We have so many fantastic local businesses, but they can be hard to find. Looking for a local contractor or service provider of any kind? Plumber, Electrician, Eye Doctor, Pet Groomer, T-shirt printer, Appliance Repairperson, Florist, Driving School, Landscaper, or a Sheetrock man? Just ask.

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The Heart of Cherokee Connect

The businesses and the community members certainly drive the group membership, but the heart of Cherokee Connect is a passion to try and help each other and help the community as a whole.

Aside from the awesome businesses we have in the county, we have some phenomenal charities here, too. As mentioned above, it’s expensive to market. Charities and non-profits are looking to feed, clothe, train, or protect as many people as they can, which means there’s typically not money in the budget to make their needs known.

Cherokee Connect aims to be a place they can share their needs and hopefully have them met. The County has so many people ready, willing, and able to help, but they just don’t know where to plug in. We’re here to help facilitate that connection and help people help people.

Thank you for being here, and if you’re not already, we encourage you to join our Facebook group.

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